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  Energy Infused Coaching 


Crystal Clear Results

           Do you feel unfulfilled?  Do you have a sense that something is missing or there is more  to life? If you answered yes, then my coaching programs are for you!  My coaching programs are designed to help guide you to get crystal clear - to define and find the path that is aligned with your true purpose.  My programs provide a variety of options to support all aspects of your growth, including Reiki energy healing, energy infused crystals, personal affirmations and intuitive guidance from me.  Working together we can begin to identify and remove blocks and limiting beliefs allowing you to let go of what isn't serving you and step into what is waiting ~   

the life you desire and deserve.  Let's do that together....







Coaching Opportunities

Thank you for visiting my site,

I looking forward to working with you!  Donna

 My programs are designed to help provide:

 ~  Clarity of purpose

 ~  Clarity of visions and goals

 ~  Identifying your true passions


 ~  Defining your life's mission

 ~  Supporting you in living your best life

 ~  Guiding you to living a more peaceful life

Are you interested in learning more but not quite ready to commit?  Let's chat.  I am happy to have a complimentary discovery session with no obligation to see if coaching with me is a good fit for us.  Let's connect to schedule a 15 minute conversation.  You will walk away with a tool to use whether we coach together or not.  Reach out to me today and discover more...

LEAP into Fabulous!

Taking a LEAP to a more courageous, more confident, more amazing, more fabulous YOU!


I'm ready to take a LEAP!
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Clarity and Vision    1 : 1 Private Coaching - 5 hours

5 weekly 1 hour calls - $997

Congratulations in making the choice to commit to yourself!  In discovering where your true passions lie, together we will formulate a plan of inspired action you can incorporate to live your best life.  I will provide you with a variety of tools and techniques to integrate into your life that will enable you to uncover the amazing energy you possess, allowing you to follow your big dreams ~ bigger dreams than you ever imagined or thought possible!  During each call, personalized affirmations will be crafted to help support you every step of the way. This coaching package allows an opportunity for you to be held accountable for taking action steps in the direction of your dreams. I am excited to begin working with you!

2 Crystals to align and support your vision are included!

I'm ready to begin! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Clarity   1 : 1  Private Coaching - 90 minutes

1 - 90 minute call  - $195

Congratulations!  I am excited to begin working with you to help you uncover what is standing in the way of you living your best life.  During this call, we will uncover your true passion, clarify your desires and define your steps to gaining clarity and focus to achieve your desires.  Your session includes Reiki energy that will allow you to feel the energy I send you.  You will also receive a crystal that will support and align with your vision and goal.  I am looking forward to begin working with you!

Crystal Clarity ~ I am ready! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Additional 60 minute follow up calls may be purchased separately.


Stay tuned for details on upcoming events


I cannot thank you enough for the coaching sessions we had

together. It is hard for me to believe you are just beginning your

coaching practice. I know this is something you were meant to

do! The exercises you gave me were simple, yet effective, and

in alignment with my beliefs and values. Our time together was a joy to me and each week I couldn't wait until the next telephone call to tell you about my progress and see what you had in store for me next.

People become stuck in their progress and I was no different. I

knew I was stuck, but didn't know what to do to move forward. I

believe my biggest challenge was self confidence, which I once

had, but lost. You helped to restore that to me and that enabled

me to overcome some hurdles very quickly and know, moving

forward, that I can accomplish whatever I set out to do.

Now is a time of great change in my life and I have the

confidence to see it through because of you. I cannot imagine

there is a person on this planet who could not benefit from time

with you. Everything in my life is falling into place, the future is

very exciting and I know great things are just down the road for


The effects of your coaching sessions on me did not last for

only the hour we spoke on the telephone or for a few days

afterwards. I have already seen the power of them and know

the impact of our time together is going to last me a lifetime.

I can see and feel it happening.

Thank you again for your time, caring and great wisdom.

Allison - Jeunesse Global Brand Ambassador

 "With the use of crystals and personal affirmations Donna has helped me get clear on my next steps. Her affirmations have allowed me to stay reminded of my goals and eased my anxiety during a time of transition in my life. The energy from her crystals has supported a positive and calm outlook.  During our calls I could feel her healing energy uplift me.
I am grateful for our work together."

 Jennifer - Collaborative Culture and Mindset Coach

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