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    Crystal of the Month Club


     receive a new crystal each month


As a member of the COM Club you will receive a new crystal that I select each month.  The crystal will include information on how to use it; it's properties and why I selected it.  I will also include an affirmation or mantra that you will be able to incorporate into your daily practices.  As a gift with your first order, I will include a cage and cord so that you may wear your crystal as a pendant if you desire.  This allows any of your stones to easily transform from a pocket/bra or under the pillow stone to a pendant (for those stones small enough to fit).  I am so thrilled you have chosen to be a part of my tribe.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Gratefully Inspired,


Amazing Testimonial!

JOIN NOW!   $25/month

Has someone referred you to the club? Please email me their name so they are properly thanked!

3 Month Gift Option •$69

The 3 month subscription is the perfect gift to send someone who loves beautiful and unique gifts.  They will receive a different crystal (loose stone) for 3 consecutive months.  It will include the description of the crystal, how to use it and a cage and cord with the first crystal so they have the option to wear it as a necklace or carry it loose.  Stones can be wire-wrapped for an additional fee.  Gift notice will be enclosed.

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Membership Details

• Membership fee is $25 per month and includes shipping 

• Orders will be shipped on the 15th of the month.  All new subscriptions received by the 10th will receive the current month's stone.

• Membership fees will be charged automatically via paypal on the same day of the  month you initially registered

• Upgrade fee for wire-wrapping will be $20 - fee to be paid separately - please send request to

Benefits of Membership
• knowing a beautiful crystal will arrive in your mailbox each month!
• with each referral, an option for a free crystal in your next month's order or having   your stone wire-wrapped for no additional charge please send name of referral to me at to receive gift
• early access to all promotions or bonus products
• easy access for consultations on selecting additional crystals
• priority for special orders
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