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My first event sharing my crystals
October, 2015

These words speak to me on so many levels and have it in my view always!

Our Story

Hello, my name is Donna Brown and I am an Intuitive Coach and Healer.  I help women who are feeling stuck, are ready for the next chapter and have no idea what that looks like or how to get there.

I guide my clients by first removing the energetic blocks and together we clear the emotional and mindset blocks to gain clarity and confidence to live with passion and joy.


I am a wife and mom of three beautiful young adults now in their 20’s.  I was privileged and blessed to be home with them during their growing up years and began to wonder what was next for me as they became independent.  I truly had NO idea how I would fill my time or more to the point, find my worth. 


I dabbled in different areas, would often come back to my creative spirit and immerse myself in projects. I was involved in groups and organizations but still felt there was something missing.  Deep down I knew there had to be something more for me.  My vocabulary at the time did not include ‘finding my purpose’ or ‘being in alignment’.  But I did know I needed something desperately where I could find fulfillment, community, and joy.


In August of 2014 while on vacation, my family was cliff jumping (for fun) and asked me to join them. I declined and offered to be the photographer capturing all their thrills and excitement. The conditions were perfect that day–the wind, the temperature, and most importantly the tide where this window was available for just under 2 ½ hours. As the window was closing, my daughter asked me again to join and realized if I left that day without jumping, I would go on to regret it.  I already had so many regrets in my life and did not want to add one more. So I took a deep breath and made my way to the top of the cliff.  Through total fear I leaped that day and came out of the water a completely different person!  I had confidence and courage I didn’t know existed for me! That was the catalyst that led me to say YES to any and every opportunity that I was drawn to.


I spent a year learning a new vocabulary and uncovering my true desires, releasing the blocks that were holding me back, and giving myself permission to dream.


Soon after, my crystal business was born on a women’s retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC.


The following year I became a certified Crystal Practitioner, a Reiki Master, a Mindset Coach, and  a published Author where I shared my story of 'Finding My Fabulous' in a collaborative book.  That was the first of my three chapters I wrote in collaborative books. My life continues to grow and change in the most amazing ways as I intentionally surround myself with others who inspire me to be my best self.


My relationships are stronger, I am clear on what I am seeking, and know without a doubt I am on the right path and realize there is so much more that is possible for me as I continue to grow and to learn.

We are never done–there is always something to learn, space to grow, and more to uncover.

I now have the absolute honor and pleasure of inspiring others and guiding them to live an incredible life.


It is never too late for YOU to live an incredible life!


It would be my pleasure to guide you!





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