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Have You Ever Washed the Dishes Before Emptying the Dish Drying Rack????

October 12, 2017



I HAVE!! and when you do, you can’t put anything away until you dry them all! Now I have to say that doing the dishes is probably my favorite household chore.  Not that I love it, I just like it the most and here is why -- I know when I’m done with the task because there are no dishes in sight!


Confession --  I struggle with being tidy (ok, the coach is saying “up until now, I have struggled with being tidy”).  Much to my husband’s chagrin I come from a long line of stackers - you know when you don’t know where to put something, you just stack it in a pile and if that one gets too tall you start another.  Sound familiar?  Perhaps it’s you or someone you know?  When no matter how much you ‘clean’ the surroundings never seem all put away and for me that means resorting to hiding the piles when company is coming.  But what if someone drops by unexpectedly???? that feeling sets in....


For those who can’t stand it when one thing is out of place you are probably starting to get fidgety reading this.  Order is your sanity.  To me, at least until now - chaos, disorder, has been my normal.  It wasn’t until I spent a solid few weeks going through every.piece.of.paper in my piles, boxes, bags and sorted them -- shred/recycle/file - did I begin to feel that sense of calm.  Until now, my surroundings were hindering me, limiting me from reaching my potential in EVERY area of my life and feeling free.  Yes, free. Free from the clutter and the burden that accompanies clutter.  I have always lived in a world of ‘what if’?  What if I needed it someday….



Once I started working with a coach one of the first assignments was always to clear the clutter.  Since I am a bit stubborn, I always resisted and wondered how could that make a difference?  When I learned about affirmations I would say 'I am so happy and grateful my home is neat, clean and organized and LOVE when friends drop by unexpectedly!'  I also would visualize what my home would look like if it were tidy!  Not perfect mind you, but tidy. You see, I actually clung to my clutter like a badge (I realize that sounds ridiculous but that just came out so it must be and as I am typing this I realize just how bizarre that sounds!).  Again for you very neat, tidy people out there this may sound unbearable.  Well it became unbearable for me too.  When I was finally ready, I bought this book: Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up  I remember when I heard of this book I wasn’t ready to tackle it because I knew how huge a project it would be.  I was at a retreat and the subject came up - it dawned on me that if I could pick one small space and have success I would be inspired to tackle other areas.  I started with my sock drawer and have moved on to bigger projects.  You can too!


I got it! once I began to release all those things I was holding on to for ‘what if’, I was able to create space for what was waiting.  

How ironic as that is the tag-line for my coaching that I named over a year ago - “Let go of what doesn’t serve you to create the space for what is waiting”.  I guess in my case, the teacher is the last to to know...                  

So how does this relate to the dishes you may be wondering?  Well, even though you may not be in the mood or ready to tackle something because of the steps needed to complete in getting there, it is SO important to do the work to see the results.  And if you are thinking -- I’m great, I have no piles! Then I will ask you to examine your thoughts, your relationships, and your obligations.  What are you doing because you ‘have to’ or 'should'? BTW - 'should' is a dirty word in my vocabulary!  If it doesn’t align with you, it is not serving you - let it go…. And if this inspires you to tackle your sock drawer or the whole house I am cheering you on! Feel free to send me pics!

For a little inspiration -- my sock drawer before and after.   



Have a fabulous day!

Gratefully Inspired,


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