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I am proud to be one of the authors featured in this incredible collection of stories

with an amazing group of women sharing inspiring stories that will fill your heart and soul!  I look forward to sharing my story with you.....

Now available - Finding Joy Video Series!

I found my joy, are you ready to find yours?

In these uncertain times, we all need to find our joy!

 Available now --$97

'Finding Joy' is a 3 part series that takes you through various steps to help you find joy in your life.

Video 1 walks you through how you can uncover what your true desires are for you to live a life of joy.

Video 2 details the daily rituals that will help you achieve joy.

Video 3 is all about energy -- our energy and how to protect it as well as how to release any energy that does not serve us.


Will you join me?

My 3 Piece Cleansing Set Now Available (
3 Piece Cleansing Set Now Available!

I am excited to share my new offering!

I have curated my favorite items for you and am excited to share my 3 Piece Cleansing Set that includes:

Sage, a 7 Chakra Cleansing Spray, and a Tuning Fork. Recommendations for use will be enclosed.


Energy clearing and protection is a priority for me in my work with crystals and as a Reiki Master. I have found various methods and tools that I use daily to protect myself, my environment, and my crystals and today I am excited to share them with you!

Set price is $65 and includes shipping.

 Leap Into Fabulous Coaching Program

 Are you ready to leap into the life you have always dreamed of?

I took a leap of faith and came out of the water that day a completely different person. My life was forever changed and am now living a life I never thought possible--the life of my dreams!

Allow me to guide you to live the life of your dreams.

 Group Coaching 

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Chakra Balancing

Feeling out of sorts? Looking for clarity?

Let’s find out why!


    Reiki Infused Crystal Chakra Balancing

 May be just what you need!

   I will test and balance your chakras

as well as send you Reiki

All from the comfort of your home!

45 minute session ~ $149

includes oracle card reading


To schedule your appointment:

Email me:





I saw Donna for a distant chakra balancing and Reiki session. She was able to balance my chakras that had been out of alignment and send me Reiki. After the experience I felt so much lighter and happier and pain that I had been experiencing in my jaw was completely gone.  The instant relief was truly amazing.   --Susan


Even though I know that energy movement is not constrained by distance at some level, I was unsure about this process being done remotely. I had not experienced chakra balancing with crystals before. This experience with Donna has shifted my confidence in the power of this process. Her support and guidance in this session resonated with me and her follow-up information is clear, supportive, and information that I continue to turn to since our session. I highly recommend Donna!   --Mary


Reiki Sessions -- 30 & 50 minute sessions available:

3 & 6 session packages available as well as

6 and 12 month customizable VIP packages.

Reiki is an amazing, relaxing experience.  Are you ready to 

experience it from the comfort of your own home?

Email for appointments and class info:


Reiki Level I and II Classes/Certifications

Holy Fire/Karuna® Master Certification 

Now Available!!

My Podcast interview with Samantha Ruth

I had the huge pleasure of being one of Sam's first guests on her podcast.  She is an amazing person with whom I had an instant connection when we met and we had a wonderful chat! I am excited for you to listen!

Handful of Hope Podcast with Jesse Brisendine.

I am excited to share this amazing interview I did with Jesse Brisendine on his handful of hope podcast. We talked about my favorite subject -- ENERGY!  Jesse is one of the kindest, big hearted people I know and it clearly comes through during our chat. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share with all of you.


My very first interview in  2017 and all still applies!  Amazing how life looks when we find our path and take that leap!

Donna Brown - Work at Home Rockstar
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Distance Reiki

Crystal Consultation

Crystal of the Month Club

Loose Stones/Crystal Jewelry

Distance Crystal Chakra Balancing

Canfield Principles Coaching/Training

Reiki Classes and Certification

Personal Mindset Coaching

Oracle Card Readings

Pendulum Readings


Group Coaching


Reiki Energy Infused Crystals

I want you to feel what I feel when I hold a crystal in my hand...

Crystal Options

 loose stones • wired pendants • wire-wrapped pendants

necklaces • bracelets • earrings

Loose Stones



 Wire Wrapped


Gratefully Inspired, Donna


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